My name is Dave Driesmans and work as a freelancer. I’m a Belgian unicorn designer with a passion for user interfaces and i learned to code on the way. I love to create design based on logic, to solve problems and to maximize the user experience.
  • I'm involved in a number of startups (one of them is launching in beta at Midem 2014)
  • i also work as a freelance designer and developer.
  • i co-founded Urawaza with Eric Namour, a little studio for the creative industry and non profits
  • i'm building some things for myself :)
  • and proud father of two girls
I'll use this blog as an personal archive and will occasionally post stuff here about usability, design, music or share some work and code snippets with you. We'll see!

Always open for new collaborations and fun side-jobs, get in touch via e-mail ( or twitter.